Elsmere Fire Company


2020 Officers

Monday, December 9, 2019

President: Ken Dunn
Vice President: John Smith 
Treasurer: Michael Schaal
Asst Treasurer: William Thomas 
Recording Secretary: Stephen Cunningham
Membership Secretary: Denise Zielinski 
Directors: James Facciolo, John Bolin, Gerald Dougherty, Michael Wiktorowicz Sr. 

Fire Chief: Mark Facciolo
Deputy Chief: Justin Schweiger 
1st Asst Chief: Krista Foulke
2nd Asst Chief: Michael Edwards
Engine Capt: Vincent Games
Ladder Capt: Josh Giles
Rescue Capt: Joshua Rosa
Lieutenant and EMS officer to be appointed at a later date. 

Congratulations to all new and returning officers, and we look forward to a continuation of progressiveness. Special congratulations to Krista Foulke on being elected as the first female chief officer in the 99-year history of the company.

Special thanks to Five Points Fire Comapny for covering the district for the elections.