Elsmere Fire Company


Welcome Prospective Member:

As you start your journey with the Elsmere Fire Company (EFC), we would like to welcome you, as well as thank you for choosing our organization. The Elsmere Fire Company runs off of Tradition, Pride, Service, and Dedication as we operate 365 days a year 24/7. We are committed to excellence, and strive to provide the most effective, and efficient service possible to the citizens and visitors of our area.

You may obtain a membership application with the Elsmere Fire Company directly through the firehouse, or by printing one from the company website, however, before your application is fully processed you are required to complete 2 Observational Ride Alongs at the firehouse with us. The ride alongs will consist of actually riding the apparatus with us to real life emergencies and observing how we operate and handle emergencies. This is strictly observational, and at no time will the ride along engage in any operation. This program is designed to give the prospective member some insight to the operations of a firefighter/EMT and the benefits of such.

The Elsmere Fire Company is rich in history, and has been a gateway for several of our members to further their life of service and obtain full time jobs within the Public Service field with many Career Fire/EMS Departments around the tri-state area, as well as local Police Departments.

The Elsmere Fire Company responds to 1,200 Fire related emergencies, and 2,000 EMS related emergencies annually. Of those 1,200 Fire Emergencies, roughly 50+ are Working Fires. We are a combination fire company, which means we operate daily with a mix of Volunteer Members and Career Personnel. There is no divide between both entities, and we all work very well together to provide Fire/EMS services. We operate with the following equipment;

1 – 100’ Tower Ladder

2 – Engines

2 – BLS Units (Ambulance)

1 – Hazmat Response Unit

2 – Command Units

The Fire/EMS service is not a field for everyone. There is a lot of hard work that needs to be completed on scene. You may see some things that not everyone from the general public sees such as, but not limited to; the aftermath/destruction after a structure fire, serious car accidents that may involve death, injuries or illness associated with abuse or neglect. We are by no means trying to scare you, but we want you to know some of the incidents we encounter.

Again, we thank you for choosing the Elsmere Fire Company, and we look forward to meeting you, and seeing you progress through the program and your time as a member.

Our Station is located at:
1107 Kirkwood Highway
Elsmere, Delaware 19805

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