Elsmere Fire Company


Multiple Fires and Box Alarms

Friday, June 12, 2020
On Wednesday June 3rd 2020, responses stayed steady. At about 12:30hrs Station 16 was alerted for the Rescue Engine to respond to assist Station 25 with a commercial structure fire. Rescue Engine 16, and Chief 16-8 made the response. Upon arrival Rescue Engine 16(Capt. J. Rosa) laid a supply line and assumed the first due engine responsibility. Chief 16-8 reported a 2 story commercial structure with nothing showing. Crews from Engine 16, Squad 14, and Quint 25 entered the structure and found a heavy smoke condition in the building, and located a fire in the ceiling. Engine 16 and Squad 14 had two lines in service and extinguished the fire.
While this incident was going on, Station 16 was alerted for a commercial structure fire within the district. Engine 16, Chief 16-8, and mutual aide units responded. Cranston Heights Deputy Chief 14 arrived and reported a 2 story commercial building with nothing showing and assumed the Elsmere Command. Engine 16, and Ladder 2 and Engine 6 investigated and found an odor of smoke in the building. It was later determined to be smoldering mulch on the exterior of the building.
Later in the afternoon, Engine 16 was dispatched to a dumpster fire along with Squad 14. While this incident was going on, Ladder 16 was dispatched to assist Station 21 with a structure fire in the Pike Creek area. Ladder 16 responded and assisted with investigating an odor of smoke in the residence. Incident was soon scaled back with negative findings.
After clearing the structure fire in Pike Creek, Ladder 16 was requested to respond to the high rise structure fire at Forwood Manor in Claymont. Engine and Ladder 16 both made the response. Units on scene from Claymont Station 13 found a kitchen fire with multiple patients. All patients were minor injuries and handled by ALS and BLS assets. Engine 16 arrived as the third due engine and Ladder 16 arrived as the third due special. Both units stood by, and were then directed by Claymont command to cover the Nordel area. Ladder and Engine 16 then relocated to Station 13 for approximately 35 minutes. While both units were committed to the Nordel area, members back filled the station and were able to staff Rescue Engine 16 to handle any additional emergencies. All in all, it was a pretty busy day.

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